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Hi, I'm Brenda Lewis

Your Transforamtional Trainer for a life of lean movement freedom!

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Helping post-menopause ladies drop bodyfat and tone up WHILE eating food they love AND feeling on top of the world ALL in 90 days!

Why people need a Health Coach

Nutrition Timing

The timing of your nutrition is of utmost importance to your muscle organ!

Workout Routines

Knowing what kind of movement is best for YOUR body is helpful to your success to feeling strong and useful!

Individual Support

I consider each client individually and help find which moves benefit YOU and your abilities so that the program not only sticks with you for life, you enjoy it!

First-Hand Advice

17 + years of experience working with real-life people of all ages and abilities. Some have zero limitations and some have upper body limitations and some have lower body limitations. I've never not been able to help!

My greatest JOY is watching people become highly capable of performing actions they thought were out of their reach.

Brenda L. Lewis

My name is Brenda L. Lewis of BLTraining and I'm a 54 year old mother of 4 grown children, personal trainer and coach with over 17 years experience training/coaching women, men and teens of all ages. My forte is coaching middle aged women from a sedentary or slightly sedentary life to an active life that may or may not include going to the gym, but it certainly includes moving actively with JOY!

My love for teaching fitness to individuals became apparent to me one day as I lead a middle aged lady around the gym explaining the different machines. As she began to make comments about what she couldn't do, I began to share what I knew she "could" do based off of what I had already helped other middle aged ladies accomplish. Her eyes lit up and I immediately felt my calling! That was 17 years ago and I've been helping individuals find their own "FIT SELF" since!

Early Stages

I started my career at the local YMCA and six years later opened my own studio. I've been self employed now for 12 years.

What I love most about being my own boss, is that I can treat each client individually and not by a text book. I can get to know each client as their own limitations as well as they're hidden abilities that they didn't even know they had! I have a special knack for bring this out of each and every client!

The Direction I'm Headed

While personal training has been my label for nearly 20 years now, I'm moving toward the title of HUMAN MOVEMENT SPECIALIST with the Brookbush Institute!

Human movement intensely fascinates me! I love that my clients of over nine years allow me to challenge them in such ways! I really am in my passion and I will never stop learning about the human body.


I have been active all my life, sports to hiking rarely did I work out with a focus on maintaining my body. I had remained pretty much injury free for almost 50 years. Yes, I had aches and pains but I was older and assumed this was just a normal part of aging.

My outlook changed in an instant one morning while playing racquetball. I turned hard and went down immediately. After a visit to the Doctor I learned I had a torn meniscus in my right knee.

This is an injury that is not easily repaired and does not really heal. The best solution is to avoid those activities that are likely to aggravate it.

I was lucky enough to have already attended some of Brenda’s classes with my wife and knew what a focus she had on the whole body.

After three months of focused training she was able to strengthen my legs, increase my flexibility and retrain my body to not put unnecessary pressure on the knees. Two years later I am healthier then I have been in years. The aches and pains are gone, I am more flexible and more active then I have been in over ten years. I continue to play racquetball several times a week with no discomfort.

My experience with Brenda has been life changing looking at my whole body: including exercise, diet and my mental approach. This is something that I could not have done without her coaching and expertise.

If you are committed to a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life, I urge you let her guide you.


Hi Brenda, since we are approaching my one year anniversary of training with BLT,,,, I wanted to share a few of the accomplishments I feel we have made over the year for this 71 year old out of shape gentleman...

1. Full recovery from my broken foot after physical therapy from a local medical facility ended and I was still having issues..

2. I have lost 12 pounds..

3. I can walk two miles without a break instead of a quarter of a mile with one break..

4. My balance, mobility and stability are better than ever...

5. I am physically much stronger throughout my body with less flab in my chest, shoulders and upper arms..

6. I never knew what a core was but have found it helps my body in so many different ways...

Brenda, I just want to say “thank you for helping this old guy do things he thought had passed him by and would never ever be possible.”” Looking forward to several more years,



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Daily support by email, text, app.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will This Hurt

Are you going to hurt me? Will it be exhausting? I can't work that hard like I see your clients do!...To be honest, the first day of me getting to know you is rarely much of a challenge physically. I like and need to watch new clients move in normal everyday movement so that I can find the best and most fun way to help them begin to change!

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Do I have to be in any kind of shape first?

If you had to be in shape first, you wouldn't need a coach/trainer! It's not unusual for people to think/feel this. I take you right where you are, and help get you where you want to go!

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Which program is best for me?

Depending on how active you currently are, whether you have or have had injuries, will depend on which program I suggest. I always welcome FREE consults to help determine this.

I have a Four Week to Fit program on my fitness app that is for a lightly moderate person wanting to get back into moving.

I have a Mobility Meltdown that is perfect for anyone starting out! It helps to mobilize the joints and while you're doing so you burn lot's of body fat!

Click on the link above that says "Preplanned Fitness Programs" and it will take you to a link for all the preplanned programs!

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